Aug 27, 2012

Making Time

One of the problems of owning a bookstore is being surrounded by books but never having time to read. I am very adamant with the people in my life that they DO have time to read, they just fool themselves into thinking that they don't. Therefore it is my solemn duty to follow my own advice. Hypocrites are so tacky. And/or human (you decide). So I have been trying to read for at least ten minutes 4-5 nights a week before bed.

Do you want to know what happened? I actually found more time to read and started reading in other slow moments! Ah, the power of making room to read in your life. My favorite part about reading is sharing authors I love with new people and I have whole new platform for doing that. It is funny how sometimes I get in a great conversation with a customer and they leave and I scold myself remembering that I didn't even bring up Cindy Pon one time.

Right now I am obsessed with a new author. Her name is Lindsey Leavitt and I may want to try and have her children (just kidding!) It is basically happening at the perfect time because she is coming to the store for a signing on September 15th.

First I have to give a huge shout out to Eric Shakespear for putting an AWESOME writing workshop together in our middle of nowhere town. The best part is that she hasn't just gotten ONE awesome author to come to town, but THREE. (Please check out her blog for more info on the workshop.)

I first met Lindsey Leavitt last November at the Vegas Valley Book Fest. It was fun chatting with her and Emily Wing Smith and James Dashner and all the other authors who were there. But of all the books I bought that day one ended up being by far my favorite. The cover and concept of Princess for Hire appealed to me from the beginning and I found Lindsey's style and voice to be addictive and extremely entertaining.

As much as I loved the first book it took me a while to continue with the series. Why do I have reader's block when it comes to book two in a series? I am tempted to say that The Royal Treatment was one of the best second books in a series I have ever read, if not the best (sorry Cindy!)

As much as I love the Princess for Hire series I am excited to read more books by Lindsey, especially her forthcoming book Going Vintage. I have already gotten one person to PLOW through the Princess for Hire series (THEY ARE THAT GOOD) so if you are looking for a GREAT read, maybe something a little on a the lighter side you are going to have to check Princess for Hire out.

I am looking forward to seeing Lindsey again soon at both Braun Books and again at Vegas Valley Book Fest later this year. I had so much fun last year I have been talking about it almost non stop this year.
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