Feb 13, 2010


LTUE is officially over. And, let me tell you, that was a LONG three days. Now I have over 50 pages of notes to wade through to share some amazing information with you!


There were lots of authors I was excited to meet, but actually I had not read anyone’s books except for James Dashner. I didn’t even like The Maze Runner that much. (Don’t tell!) But then he first walked into the room for one of the first panels and I found myself more excited than I ever expected.


This is shortly after my first Dashner sighting. Yep, that teeeeeny tiiiiiny head approximately in the exact middle belongs to the man himself. This first panel was on the style of science fiction. It was a great discussion and Dashner had some really relevant things to say. Though he would tend to disagree with me.

Part of what makes Dashner so charming is that he dispels many of the myths that are connected with writing. He is the first to admit that he was not academically trained in writing. But through a love of reading and hard work he was able to build a career.

I ended LTUE again with James. He read two chapters from the forthcoming 2nd Maze Runner book. It was a huge treat to be able to hear these. Though, honestly, if there is going to be an audiobook version of the story, I highly recommend that Dashner NOT narrate it! He read the 1rst and 50th chapters of the book and it was really interesting to get a glimpse of where the novel (and trilogy) might be going.


Here he is reading, again approximately in the middle. And also an excellent view of the back of a lot of people’s heads.

I will be posting more accounts of my stalking of James Dashner and other events of the weekend!

Also, I know James Dashner would like you to visit his blog. Go. Now. Thank you.

Feb 12, 2010

Life, The Universe & Everything

dragon3 I am here at BYU for the LTUE Symposium. I had never even heard of this until I saw it on Maw Books, so thanks to Natasha for alerting me to this great experience.

It was only a few weeks ago that I first heard about this and thought it would be cool to attend, but I wasn’t going to. Then I made the mistake of checking out the schedule and seeing lots of great panels and presentations on things I was REALLY interested in…..

Luckily the symposium is free because after seeing the events and authors attending there was no way I could justify missing it.  The drive isn’t exactly a short one, but I left at 5am Thursday morning to get to the school! It made for a VERY LONG first day.

Here are some of the authors I was excited about seeing/meeting:


Well, It is time to head off to a Brandon Sanderson reading! More later, I hope.

Happy reading!

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