Apr 5, 2008

The Perfect Saturday

A few days ago,
I received my copy of The Perfect Life.

Thanks to Janna at the Cornhusker's Academy who offered this contest so I could win the book!

Now I definitely don't need to be starting any new books. I need to finish all of the ones I am in the middle of!
But I decided to just take a little peak inside.
And what did I find?
The perfect Saturday.
By tradition, Saturday mornings were savored in the Clarkson household. My husband, Brad, usually prepared breakfast, and then the two of us--still clad in our pajamas--read snippets from the newspaper to each other while we dined on French toast or omelets or hash-brown casserole.

Apr 4, 2008

Aloha Friday


My Aloha Friday question today is...
If you had to give yourself a new name what would it be?

Aloha Friday is a laid back, just for fun, meme created by Kailani at An Island Life.
We all post a question and have fun going around answering each others.

My answer: I don't have one yet! I am going to read what you all say and see if it inspires me. I have decided on either Ireland or December, or maybe some combination of the two.

Answer the question for yourself in the comments and then ask a new one on your own blog! Have fun!

Apr 3, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Literature

  • When somebody mentions “literature,” what’s the first thing you think of? (Dickens? Tolstoy? Shakespeare?)
  • Do you read “literature” (however you define it) for pleasure? Or is it something that you read only when you must?
When I think of literature one name immediately pops into my head, Nabokov.

“Literature and butterflies are the two sweetest passions known to man.”


PhotobucketPhotobucketI love to read all kinds of books including literature for pleasure. I am surrounded by piles and piles and piles of books and I just pick one up and then another and just see what grabs my interest. If it is a romance novel or a classic or whatever grabs me that is what I read next. I have this very strong feeling that you read books when you are meant to read them. I picked up Pride and Prejudice many times before I actually read it for the first time and fell in love with it.

I love to read literature when I am forced to read it as well, especially when I am able to discuss it with others during the process. Many times a book that has no meaning to you begins to bloom and blossom before you as others share their experience about it or you learn the back story.

Oh, and Nabokov isn't the only name that comes to mind when I think about literature, it is just the first name.

Apr 2, 2008


I am running a little behind on my intended post today.
But I wanted to make sure I shared some my notes and thoughts on Speak as promised.


First, I want to say that I was not impressed by my first impression of the voice/narration of Speak.
It took me a little while before I discovered what was disappointing in it.
The text is generally boring.
But when I was discussing this with a friend, I made the epiphany that this was perhaps INTENTIONAL.
That this part of the story is boring because the narrator, Melinda, is BORED with her life.

First line: It is my first morning of high school.
Because the first line was so boring,
the second line:
I have seven new notebooks, a skirt I hate, and a stomachache.
Is that much better? Not really.

This story opens with the dilemma of picking a seat on the bus. If you don't consider this a real
dilemma you were either incredibly popular in high school or you have a don't have a good memory.

What clique, or clan as Melinda called them, did you run with?
Melinda has the honor of starting her high school career clanless.
She is an outcast.
"I have entered high school with the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, the wrong attitude. And I don't have anyone to sit with."

You want to know the first line that really caught my attention?
It happened on page 5.
"Words climb up my throat."
Love this.

Melinda continues to retell her first day of school.
The following are some of my favorite passages.
"Mr. Freeman is ugly. Big old grasshopper body, like a stiltwalking circus guy. Nose like a credit card sunk between his eyes" (10).
This may been one of the most interesting and unique personal descriptions I have ever read.

"I keep staring at her, trying to make her look at me. That happens in movies--people can feel it when other people stare at them and they just turn around and say something" (10).

The story moves on.
There is an amazing mention of teen cruelty and how we ignore it.
"A few times my books were accidentally ripped from my hands and pitched to the floor" (14).

"The closet is abandoned--it has no purpose, no name. It is the perfect place for me" (26).

Melinda's new and only friend has been accepted into a clan.
She is again alone.
"I wash my face in the sink until there is nothing left of it, no eyes, no nose, no mouth. A slick nothing" (45).

So far I am not overly impressed with the book but I am eager to keep reading. Everyone tells me to keep reading because it is sooooo good.

And I will be back next week with the next marking period.

Mar 31, 2008

Mix Tape Monday

It is true.
Idol Mania has taken over.
I have never really been a big fan of the show.
But that was before.
Before what? you ask.
Before David Cook.
So here in his honor, my mixtape.

music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com.

First up is the song that started it all (for me.)
Randy called this an emo version of the original.
I remember sitting there thinking
what was that?
That was different.
Next, the original "Hello" by Lionel Richie.
Do you remember that music video?
Go here to see a real life demonstration (sort of.)

Third up
is the song that made me fall.
In love that is.
He didn't sound perfect but there was something about his passion that resonated when he sang "Eleanor Rigby."
After that the original.
The name that originally came to Paul, though, was not Eleanor Rigby but Miss Daisy Hawkins. In 1966, McCartney recalled how he got the idea for his song:
“I was sitting at the piano when I thought of it. The first few bars just came to me, and I got this name in my head... 'Daisy Hawkins picks up the rice in the church'. I don't know why. I couldn't think of much more so I put it away for a day. Then the name Father McCartney came to me, and all the lonely people. But I thought that people would think it was supposed to be about my Dad sitting knitting his socks. Dad's a happy lad. So I went through the telephone book and I got the name McKenzie.”

The third and final David Cook song of the day is last week's masterpiece "Billie Jean."
Did you know that this was not a cover of the original song? It was a cover of the cover.
Read more about that here.
I was a little disappointed to find out that David didn't arrange this himself like originally thought he had.
But he did an amazing job with it either way.
Lastly, instead of that cover, though,
I give you Michael Jackson's original
"Billie Jean."

How do you think David will do this week?
Will he impress yet again?
I can't wait to find out.

Mar 30, 2008

The Sunday Salon

The Sunday Salon.com

I am extremely absent minded. I would read more from the same book if I wasn't constantly losing them.
As of this moment I cannot manage to find my copy of The Perfect Blend, the first Love Inspired romance novel I have ever read.


Have any of you read one of these before? I would be interested in knowing what you think.

Last night, but really very early this morning, I started Speak for Becky's Online Reading Group. We don't start until Wednesday, so there is still time to join in.
I have been intending to read Speak since I bought it many years ago. It has always had a prominent place on my bookshelf. I have never boxed it up and put into storage like hundreds of other books. I have been carrying it around with the intent of reading it, but just waiting for the excuse. And I am very happy for the excuse. Since I have been talking about covers lately, I need to tell you I have always adored this cover.


Come back Wednesday to read my thoughts on the beginning of this book. (If I can find the book again, it is also currently lost.)

Musings of a Bookish Kitty has been doing an interesting Sunday Salon series called Confessions of a Reader. This thread was started a few weeks ago and inspired by a book of essays that I desperately want to read. Last week she commented on an essay from Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader called "My Odd Shelf". She said that over half of books are unread, and I can tell you she is doing better than me. About 90% of my books are unread. So what books are on my "Odd Shelf"? I have a lot of teaching and social study books for apparently no reason, also old text books from high school I cannot make myself give up. I would also clump my theatre and law books there, remnants of past obsessions.

Bookish Kitty also pointed me to the literate kitten who ponders "What your books say about you."
The simplest answer to this question is that my books tell people I have a problem. I love books very much. They are everywhere, often in haphazard piles teetering on the arm of a chair or sliding off the stairs up to my room. I have every type of book there is and they are piled every which way where ever I can find room. At my old house they were mostly on shelves each shelf having it's own genre. Alphabetized by the last name of the author, except that odd shelf which was just grouped by subject. I have books that are brand new, I have books that are tattered and falling apart. Right now at least 50% of my book collection is in storage. I find it interesting that people often sort their books by size. Hardcovers in one place, trade paperbacks in another. I want my books to be easy to find like at the library.

It is still early for me and I still plan to read more today. I am going to finish up to page 46 of Speak (if I can find it.) And I determined to finish one other book, whichever one I can find and am closest to the end for. I NEED to finish White Tombs, a book I won and wanted to review within a week of receiving it, but I still have been having extra time with the girls. And that isn't coming to an end. My ex is going to be gone for a FULL week this time.

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